Massage for Men

Lingam Massage

A Lingam massage is a slow and sensual massage, a space for deep relaxation and relief of stress, combined with intimacy. Gentle music and soft, warm light create an appropriate atmosphere.

The term “Lingam Massage” is originally used in Neo-Tantra and is embedded in spiritual group sessions. The ancient Indian Sanskrit word “Lingam” refers to the male phallus.

In the field of erotic massage, it is used as a synonym for penile massage, with the aim of delaying orgasm to allow more intensity.

3 Steps of Lingam Massage

At the beginning of a massage, I like to talk about the process and individual preferences, being careful not to “talk the massage to death.” Most men simply find it more appealing to know less and go with what may come.

In the lingam massage, there is a division of roles. The masseur takes the lead, the other one does not have to do anything and may drop completely – close his eyes – breathe in deeply – breathe out relaxed – perceive the touch of the masseur.

Many men are under enormous pressure to perform and are very goal-oriented right from the start. A gentle massage without touching the “center” helps to relax and get into the mood. Dimmed light and soothing music help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

From light touches with the fingers to an intense massage with the hand, arousal is built up slowly and gradually. There are different massage techniques. It is also important to follow intuition to keep the connection with the partner.

Edging stands for orgasm control or orgasm delay during the lingam massage. The excitement is built up slowly. Just before orgasm, the stimulation is slowed down or even paused briefly. The game can be played as long as desired. Several rounds hypersensitize the genital area to point of no return.

Many men swear by the all-redeeming ultimate release at the end – as a full-bodied experience where pleasure flows through the whole body.

Giving up control, passively surrendering to what is happening is very unusual for many men at first. All the more they discover the special quality of handing over the responsibility for the climax to a partner.

A few more tips …

Wearing a blindfold during the massage allows perceiving body touches of the partner more intensively. Just try it out. Can be very delightful.

An accompanying stimulation of the nipples is very attractive for some men and is absolutely part of the program. However, the desired intensity varies from gentle touches to pinchers. It is recommended to clarify this in advance and not to start immediately.

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