Massage for Men


There is a variety of different cockrings available. When used correctly, the ring limits the flow of blood to the penis, thus prolonging “steadfastness” and ideally they are also a non-chemical alternative to Viagra&Co.
Another benefit associated with wearing a cock ring (penis ring) is the increased sensation of touch and pleasure – and a corresponding visual increase!

Adjustable Cockrings

Adjustable cockrings are the perfect option for men who want to have their first experience with the use of a cockring. Because they are adjustable, they offer the possibility to vary and control the setting. They can also be worn as a bracelet, to always have them with you.

COCK STRAP from Boneyard
BLACK RUBBER STRAP from Push Monster

In addition, you can put them on before and during erection, which is not so easy with other cock rings. There are many different models. I prefer rubber straps or silicone straps. Both are stretchy and easy to clean.


O-rings are thick rings made of silicone. They look cool and the feel is great. However, the stretchability is limited and the handling therefore requires some practice, because they are not easy to put on – best before erection, otherwise the diameter may not be enough to put them on.


How do you put on an O-ring?
Putting them on requires a little more time and practice. To start, push the “balls”, first one, then the other, through the ring (slowly) and then pull the ring up and push the penis through the hole of the ring.
To make it easier and not to pinch, I use some lubricant. Of course, putting it on and taking it off does not work during an erection.

Metal Rings

Metal rings look cool and with their weight, they add extra tension. They are not stretchy (how should they), so you need to know the exact diameter, and they should only be put on before the erection.

It takes some practice and experience. Metal rings always make me a bit nervous because you can’t take them off during an erection and blood stasis. For beginners certainly not suitable. There are simply too many problems that can occur. As an alternative, there are metal rings that consist of two magnetic parts. However, sometimes the magnets are not strong enough to hold while “playing”.

How long can I wear a cock ring?

Although there is no exact rule, it is recommended not to wear a cockring for more than 20 minutes, or at least to take a break from time to time. In any case, you should always remove it immediately if it becomes unpleasant or hurts. Which can be problematic with a solid metal ring.